How to Get Paid Doing Surveys Online?

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How to Get Paid Doing Surveys Online? – What You Must Know

First of all, let us see why do we get paid for taking online surveys? Paid survey companies conduct research in the field of marketing on behalf of their clients for analyzing consumers’ attitudes and interests toward a particular product or service.

The online surveys help in acquiring valuable feedback from consumers and offer them cash and prizes in return for their time spent on taking surveys and giving out opinions. There are even companies that offer you sample products and pay to conduct an evaluation of certain products.

After understanding the concept of why they pay the consumers, we can now discuss how much money can a person make out of taking online paid surveys.

The earning potential of a person who is taking online paid surveys depends on how frequently he gets surveys, the type of surveys, and the time spent on completing them. All these facts depend on the company’s needs. Normally, it takes anywhere between 10 minutes to one hour to complete an online survey which purely depends on the number of questions to be answered.

The compensation for a paid survey ranges from $1 to $50 or more for each and every survey being completed. Some paid online survey companies provide the consumers who take surveys with points which can be redeemed for cash or prize after a cut-off mark normally by making 1000 points minimum which will equal $50 minimum to exchange with cash or prize, some may ask to enter sweepstakes for cash or prizes.

Certain surveys are offered to only focus groups who are specialized in the field of the survey to be taken which will take more time than the normal survey and also offer more pay than the normal ones.

The next step is to have knowledge of what should one expect from online paid surveys and know when it is happening.

When the agency that conducts online paid surveys, is in need of your opinions on a specific product, service, or new concept it will then notify you by e-mail with a set of questionnaires.

The link given in the email will list the surveys you are entitled to, and the points you can earn after successful completion of the survey.

Most of the surveys will have screening questions to find out if you are eligible to take the survey as it might be according to the factors like age, gender, and income if you aren’t eligible to take the survey, you will be offered minimum points or entry to sweepstakes.

To get a maximum number of surveys one can enroll with two or more online paid survey companies rather than sticking with only one as this increases the flow of surveys. By filling up profile surveys the research companies learn a lot about you so give you the surveys, which would suit your education, background, income, age, and gender.

Although profile surveys are not paid, it increases your presence. This will also give an impression of a committed survey taker. The free online paid surveys are more recommended over the paid online surveys, as there is no risk involved regarding the genuineness of the company offering surveys. Finally, it is very important to have a unique account where the money will be deposited.


Paid Survey Scam Free Survey Sites List

Below we are providing 100% Legit sites that are totally scam free from where you can earn big rewards, bonuses, etc while taking surveys.

OpinionOutpost – I’ve been accepted to a lot of surveys from this site that pay well. It is a point-based site where you convert your points to cash. Be sure to log in to the member’s area often as they don’t always send an email to let you know they have paying surveys available. The surveys are usually fairly short and have interesting content as well. This is one of my favorites. A side note: They ask for your phone number on the signup page but you may choose to opt out of any phone contact. I have never been contacted after giving them my phone number and opting out. [US,Canada]

AmericanConsumerOpinion – The surveys you receive are generally short and pay well, however, you don’t receive a lot of surveys per month. They automatically pay by check and it takes about a month to receive payment. Be sure to do the short 5-minute screening surveys they send as they lead to the longer-paying surveys. Definitely worth joining. [International]

CashCrate – This site offers daily surveys and they send payments every month by check. There are a lot of offers for cash on this site as well. Completing offers definitely isn’t for everyone but they are a reputable site and they pay on time for the daily surveys. You will get the most out of this page by referring your friends and completing a few of the free offers though. For more information, read the separate post about how the offers and referral system work called All about CashCrate [All countries are welcome, but US will have the most offers available]

SurveySavvy – I don’t get a ton of surveys from this site but they pay quickly by check. Survey savvy has a good referral program if you have friends and family join as well. They pay you for all the surveys your referrals take. [International]

SurveySpot – I’ve made between $2 and $10 per survey here. I receive a steady flow of surveys from this page as well. Also, with each survey, you get to play an instant win game to enter their $25000 sweepstakes. I’ve had good luck with this site and they pay in 4-6 weeks. [US, Canada, UK]

PineconeResearch – For this site, you have to find the Pinecone banner on a random webpage to join. If you are lucky enough to find it, join on the spot. I googled ‘Pinecone Banner’ and found some tips on where to look, and after a couple of weeks ran into a banner. I don’t want to get too specific because they have pretty rigid rules for members. Occasionally they recruit members through their home page so it’s worth checking in from time to time. They give you surveys and products to test and pay instantly through PayPal. This is one of the best if you qualify.

MySurvey – My Survey offers plenty of cash-paying surveys and you can also select prizes with the points you gain. They also give away $100 every day to one lucky member, just for logging into their page. They offer Amazon gift cards, cash, sweepstakes entries, and much more. If you are so inclined, there is also an option of giving your winnings to charity. [US, Canada, UK]


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